About Hi Octane Diesel Gas Trailers

Our fueling systems are unique in our industry. Several things set us and our products apart.

Hi Octane Trailer is a manufacturer, not a reseller. Some people pay retail for components, put them together and mark them way up. They are simply reselling. We manufacture our systems. That is why our quality level is high and our prices are the lowest in the nation.

In our 500 and 1000 fueling systems we have several very useful built in features that are standard. For instance these two systems are both capable of Dual Pump Service. That means that with the addition of another pump you can stage the trailer, then have equipment drive up on either side of it to be refueled at the same time. Time is money!

Our pumps are mounted on the trailer and fed from near bottom on the front head of the tank. This puts a lot of static pressure behind the pump and it does not have to work so hard to draw fuel. Adds life to the pump. In addition, if a pump fails or you have no power you can still just open the nozzle and fuel will flow freely because of gravity and pressure.

With our partitioned systems both fuels draw from near bottom of the tank. The partitions can be in any configuration you need. 60/40,  50/50 what ever works for your application.

We have pump service from 25 Gpm to 70 Gpm depending on your needs.

These systems both have a three foot tool catch area on the front of the trailer. This area contains the pumps, reel kits, user provided tool box, DEF tanks and dispenser, Spill response kits, or just tools. All optional.

Our diesel fuel trailers are warrantied for 5 years, the tanks for one year, the pumps for two years, the reel kits for one year.

We offer a very nice disaster planning piece of equipment. One of the issues for municipalities is fuel sourcing during an extended crises.  If there is no power, fuel supply becomes a serious issue. We have a great low cost option that allows you roll right up to a gas station, drop the feeder hose direct into the in ground tank and you can fill up our 1000 gallon system, or even stand there and fill first responder equipment as needed. You could actually set up two or three of these emergency stations around town. Just plan it with the vendor in advance, leave him a receipt for the amount pumped and advise him to bill the county. A very practical and useful option!

If you need something unusual or specific let us know. Because we are a manufacturer we would be glad to try to do it for you.

We believe we offer the best quality refueling system at the best price in the country. If you discover otherwise please inform us.


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